Sunday, July 17


Hello there!  Here in Massachusetts, it is summertime. Or, as a Bostonian might say, "It's fucking hot, ya tahd."

So anyway, I spent the past couple of months doing various summery activities. This is mostly what happened everyday:

True story. 

Anyway, here's what you missed while I was away:

1. We got a new kitten.  She's so sweet and loving.  She's a little princess of benevolence and affection.  She loves to cuddle and sleep on our laps.  We couldn't have asked for a better, more well-behaved little baby kitty.

...Kidding.  She's bloodthirsty and hates us.

Her name's Rosie, as in "The color of your blood when she slaughters you like a fucking fieldmouse."
My mom is actually very afraid of her.  She often tries to defend herself with a squirt bottle, but to no avail.  My dad suggested that we should try wrapping duct tape around our ankles, so the cat can't scratch them.  I believe that may be over-thinking the situation -- I say we duct tape her to the ceiling.

2. I met my beloved guitar hero, Nils Lofgren, after a concert.  It's nice to know that I can now die happy.

The picture we got is something to that effect.

3. I somehow contracted chickenpox, even though I had it as a little girl.  During this time, I beat Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for the Gamecube. Time well-spent? Hell yeah.

4. My father got a new apartment, and it's like, ten WHOLE square feet! Yes! Major upgrade from last apartment! AND OUR NEIGHBOR HAS CHICKENS!!

This is a chicken.

5. We got a new couch. It's green.

6. My friend Annie and I tried to light a banana on fire.

Actually, other than fiddling endlessly on my guitar and finding a free sombrero by the side of the road (refer to the first picture), that's pretty much what's been going on.

...I think I need to get out more.